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Welcome to Dansk Merchant Capital A/S

Dansk Merchant Capital A/S (DMC) is a Danish corporate finance company that, following Anglo-Saxon traditions, advises private companies, financial institutions and government-owned corporations in all areas of Financial nature. In our Danish approach, this means that DMC offers:

  • Financial advisory services: All aspects of corporate finance, e.g. mergers and acquisitions, public listings, rights issues, succession, MBOs/MBIs. Click here for more information on our corporate finance services.
  • Financial advisory services: Operational and strategic finance, investment financing, hybrid capital (subordinated capital), debt funding a.o. Click here for more information on our financial advisory services.
  • Debt management: Advisory services on investing in debt products such as senior or junior corporate loans or bonds. Investments via the debt investment company Nordic Corporate Investments A/S (NCI), which DMC manages on behalf of a group of professional investors. Click here for more information on debt management and investing.